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Founded in 1994 by highly skilled IT professionals, SANS is well known nationally and particularly throughout New the York Metro and Tri-State areas as a resource in IT Staffing and Consulting Services. SANS is headquartered in the heart of Manhattan’s financial district with additional offices in Metropark, NJ.​

SANS’ technological approach to selecting the best personnel has worked, and continues to work successfully at over 300 leading Financial Services, Banking, Publishing, Insurance and Healthcare companies. SANS’ reputation of excellence, financial security and principled business ethics have served to make SANS an unfailing resource and partner to our clients and IT professionals.

XDuce Acquires SANS

As a long-term business growth strategy XDuce, acquired a majority stake in SANS Consulting. SANS is a New York-based IT staffing services specialist in Banking and Financial Services. It is well known nationally and particularly throughout the New York Metro and Tri-State areas as an imminent resource in IT Staffing and Consulting Services for 25 years.

SANS is a respected brand in these high potential and critical verticals and this acquisition provides both brands with a massive growth opportunity. With this acquisition, both the companies will be able to leverage the expanded service delivery capability and domain expertise.


IT Recruiting Firm by IT Professionals

SANS was founded in 1994 by highly skilled IT professionals with the idea that commonality with the very people who are SANS clients, as well as the professionals SANS clients want to reach, gives SANS a singular place in the Information Technology marketplace. SANS’ concept is in superior search and assessment for qualified candidates by professionals with a substantial background in software development and data processing.With SANS, client companies benefit from technical expertise combined with placement experience that few other agencies can offer.​


SANS Recruitment Database goes On-line

Delivering best candidates on time and budget is only possible when superior IT infrastructure applied to search and recruitment of IT professionals. First introduced in 1997, SANS has put in placed one of a kind comprehensive repositories of IT candidate information, that tracks career preferences, resumes, job history, skill test results and compensation data for all SANS candidates. Integrated with efficient requirement management system that keeps track of job requirement status, proprietary resume and job requirement search and match facility specifically tuned for IT skill sets and electronic time sheet processing and payroll function, SANS Superior IT infrastructure delivers superior level of efficiency in SANS services to its clients. Since 1997, it’s database has grown to 127,000 IT professionals in the tri-state area and over 200,000 nationally. With it, SANS recruiters have been able to forge strong, multi year relationships with candidates This database provides SANS primary recruiting strength and allows for SANS’ Rapid Recruiting© – delivering superior candidates to clients quickly and on budget.


SANS Introduces Customizable On-line Testing

As part of its comprehensive approach to search and recruitment of IT professionals, SANS has created and used proprietary tests in a variety of IT skills, to screen potential candidates. SANS maintains the tests and its Web enabled testing facility Candidate Testing Website. to keep up with the advances in programming languages, platform software, QA and project management methodologies. To date, over 35,000 candidates’ technical skills have been tested, primarily by using SANS On-line testing Website, as well as by recruiters using the site to screen candidates during in-house conducted interviews.


SANS affirms its commitment to Lower Manhattan in the aftermath of the September 11th attack

September 11, 2001 changed IT job and recruiting landscape suddenly and in a profound way. SANS staff, our clients and candidates have been deeply affected by the tragedy. As dark as things seemed after the attack, SANS never doubted that NYC and the industry would come back stronger than ever. At that time, SANS focused on strengthening relationships with its clients and deepening understanding of their long term needs and short term challenges they face. SANS recruiters doubled their efforts to reach out to the community of candidates and offer support, understanding and guidance to candidates the job market changed shape during the post 9/11 period.


Emerging trends: VMO Model support and National Coverage

SANS recognized early the trend to adapt VMO models to service large firms IT staffing needs centrally and on the national scale. To respond, SANS expanded its recruiting model and recruiting database infrastructure to reach thousands of candidates nationally and created a process to manage high volume of job requisitions effectively. SANS recruiting coverage extends to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, Texas, Delaware, North Carolina, California, Ohio, Colorado. SANS’ Rapid Recruiting© process works well with the 24-36 hour recruiting response time required by many VMOs


Important Milestone

SANS reaches an important milestone by surpassing 200 consultants on client sites, thus validating the investment SANS made in infrastructure, process improvement, training and growing of recruiting and account management staff.


NJ Office opens with great success

SANS continues investing significant resources in building its recruiting and client service infrastructure. Metropark, NJ office mirrors SANS IT infrastructure and provides for enhanced business continuity and disasters recovery. The location takes advantage of the growing numbers of IT professionals and recruiting talent in southern and central NJ.


Expanding and growing Recruiting Staff

SANS Recruiting Staff of 30 is the backbone of the company. Many of SANS recruiters have advanced college degrees in Computer Science, Information Systems, Communication and Psychology. Some were software developers before switching careers to become IT recruiters. SANS recruiters are trained in their specialty area of technology and business. All SANS recruiters have completed SANS training regimen and are well qualified to search and process candidates for IT contract and F/T positions.


XDuce’s development team ensures technology updates on recurring timespan to serve influence Enterprise web, software, and app development solutions.


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Fortune 500 Clients



Continuous Improvement

​SANS business model is one of Continuous Improvement. This philosophy and real life practice is constantly communicated to every person who works with SANS. SANS employees are encouraged to take part in the process. They drive the many enhancements to the SANS computer systems, recruiting methods and processes. At SANS, continuous improvement is a work in progress and our primary strategic initiative.

By understanding what drives our specialty industries, following a disciplined process of identifying quality candidates, partnering with employers to understand their core business and their employment requirements, and delivering exceptional service, we achieve great results for all concerned. SANS strategic direction is to capitalize on SANS strengths. SANS will continue to reach the best and the brightest IT professionals in the most efficient way possible.

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